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About mebsys!

My name is Carmelo Marafioti, I am the founder of mebsys and CEO. I started my career as an R&D developer and have over 25 years of PLM experience. I am absolutely technology addicted, and I LOVE to solve problems!

When you hire a company, its important you get to know who you will be dealing with. Who is held accountable when the inevitable challenges arise and who will you be working with on delivering the most optimum outcome for your organization?

That person is ME.

All of our consultants have at least 15 of experience in the software industry. Out Team consists of PLM experts, cloud prodigies, PhD regulatory experts, and technical partners. But in the end, I will be making the promise to deliver, I will personally deal with you and your team, and I will be responsible and accountable to ensure you are fully satisfied.

You can learn more about me at

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Our Family of Consultants

Our consultants’ team is comprised of experienced specific PLM discipline focused individuals from the North America, Latin America, European and Asia Pacific regions. Mebsys CEO, Carmelo Marafioti, is a VISION driver, contagious culture change executive who loves to help companies renovate their sales strategies, increase margins & revenue, solve problems. He is also absolutely addicted to technology.

Take as an example Regulatory Documents for Process Manufacturers, such as Technical Data Sheet, GMO Statement, Country of Origin Statement, Nutritional Composition, etc. We have dedicated PhD regulatory experts who will personally check for data integrity and ensure you are in compliance. You can hire mebsys to fully manage your regulatory compliance or just have us review your work. The cost of a recall is always significant, and it can shut down a company. Due to the high demand, this area of consultancy requires a lead time, sometimes 60 or more days. Please contact us now to discuss your regulatory needs.

In his career, Carmelo has become an industry mentor for identifying and fostering the next generation of talent. This includes his volunteer work at the Institute of Food Science Technology as well as day-to-day management of large teams. When Carmelo engages organizations with two main goals. First, to apply innovative thinking as well as the best practices from his earlier experience to a new setting. Second, bring results-oriented, analytical planning to every executive team. His experience is appreciated, and often take the lead as a senior advisor on product development teams as well as sales planning executive teams. He a track record of identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and service and is recognized for consistently delivering high-quality results and for developing critical procedures and policies to improve business processes.